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Hear It From Students...

Dear Teaching Tape Technology,

Hello, my name is Jan, and I am a 12th grade homeschool student. I wanted to express how grateful I am for your Saxon math videos, as they have been such a tremendous help to our family! In the past, I have been so frustrated with math because I had a hard time learning new concepts without having it explained and demonstrated. After going through your videos, I understand and really enjoy the math. The teacher is excellent, and I love the way she gives visual demonstrations as she clearly explains the concepts step by step. She gives so many helpful tips that it cuts the time to work a problem almost in half! I have benefitted immensely from your teaching videos. They have definitely been an answer to our prayers! Thank you so much for making these excellent tapes available to us.

Sincerely Yours,

Dear Sir,

Teaching Tape Technology has helped me and my parents get through math successfully this year. At the beginning of the schoolyear, I was really struggling with Algebra 1. I would miss so many problems in lessons and on tests. My parents would stay awake until 10 p.m.-11p.m. trying to help me understand the concepts of what the day's lesson was trying to teach.
My mother and I were at a homeschool meeting a few months ago for high-school students when my friend's mom and mine began talking about algebra. My friend's mom told us about the Teaching Tape Technology videos. She lent us one of the Algebra Second Edition tapes to preview. My mom and I watched the tape together. I understood the lessons better as the teacher went through the problems step-by-step and explained what she was doing.

My parents purchased the Third edition tapes and my progress is really amazing! I have increased my grade from C's and D's to B's and A's. I just made a 100% on an algebra test! I enjoy my math now. My parents like the tapes because they see that I am learning better (plus they get more sleep). I enjoy the videos because I understand the lessons that are taught to me and I like how the teacher encourages me to "keep trying and soon I'll get the hang of it."

Abbeville, S.C.

Hear It From Parents...

Dear Teaching Tape Technology

During the past few years I have used both your Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tapes with my homeschooling high school children. I find that your strengths are in the following areas:

1. Your instructor states that her goal is to make algebra easy for the student. She made an immediate "hit" with my boys and completely changed their attitude toward math.

2. Her lectures are not ridden with excess stuff to make a 30 or 45 minute "class time." She gets immediately to the point, explains the concepts, and leaves the rest of the time for the student to work the problems. Reviewing a lesson is no chore because only the lesson is presented and not a lot of extra stuff. My boys may watch a lesson three or four times to comprehend a very difficult concept yet they have not wasted a lot of time.

3. Once I have invested my money in your tapes. It is MINE. I can lend it or sell it at my own discretion. I have no obligation to use it only in my own home. I have friends who absolutely cannot afford to buy these tapes yet can very much benefit from my investment.

I have used tapes from three or four separate publishers and find your tapes to be among the most practical and beneficial. God bless you as you endeavor to make tapes available for more advanced math….and hurry up!

Helen in Georgia

Dear Teaching Tape,

Thanks again for the tapes. They and the teacher are excellent. These tapes were an answer to prayer. All summer I had planned to change my daughter to another company so I could have tapes for her. She was very upset about the change since she has done Saxon for several years and prefers it over the other company. I was so happy last month when I learned there were videos available for Saxon Algebra. Lindsey has been very pleased with them. They are just what we needed.

South Carolinia

Dear Teaching Tape,

I would like to express my appreciation for your making available the video teaching tapes of Saxon Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. My daughters have been using them for half a year now. They have been a great help to all of us.

My girls enjoy having the teacher explain the lessons. They appreciate not having to wade through the Saxon explanations, and much prefer the way the teacher walks them through, step by step. For myself, the tapes released me from having to do the lessons with my children, or from even to lay out lesson plans. This has given me extra hours in my day.

Having these tapes has relieved the tension of having to administer a subject that I do not have expertise in. Also, my girls haven't complained about doing math (not everyone's favorite subject) because they enjoy the format of the teacher explaining the lesson, turning off the video to do the practice set, then checking the practice set with the teacher. After that, they feel ready to conquer the problem set!


Dear Teaching Tape Technology,

Thank you so much for making the videos for Saxon's Advanced math and Algebra 2. Before your videos, math was so discouraging for my two high school daughters. After viewing the lessons taught by your teacher, they love math. They say she explains each concept so thoroughly, now they not only understand how to solve the problems but know why and how each concept fits together.

Your videos are an answer to prayer and have made our homeschooling much more positive and successful. Thank you, too, for your efficient and courteous service.

Thank you so much for all your work and for the great teaching
available on videos. May God continue to bless you and guide you in your work.

Sincerely, Judith
Homeschool mother of two happy high schoolers

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