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Developed by Teaching Tape Technology, our videos are designed to meet the need of the homeschool teacher, student and others as a resource that establishes a solid foundation in math.

Teaching Tape Technology offers:

  • Teaching of all example and practice problems.
  • Ownership of the videos.
  • Instruction by our state-certified teacher.
  • Each concept explained and demonstrated.
  • Every Example and Practice Problem in the book.
  • Opportunity for parents and others to review videos before each lesson.
  • The ability to work at an individual pace without pressure.

These videos are not designed to replace Saxon books but rather to complement them. You must have Saxon books to use these videos.

Our DVD=s are approximately two hours long, but due to the length of lessons there may not be a total of two hours of teaching on each video.

Click here for the Math 8/7 Supplemental Key (PDF)

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